A Quick Word on Amarra for Tidal

5 thoughts on “A Quick Word on Amarra for Tidal”

  1. For the benefit of others, I’m compelled to agree with you 100%. After reading this article among others, your short take is exemplary in its accuracy and importance.

    For those who use Tidal for the HIFI option, this software is not a subtle improvement. It’s made me look at my decade old Paradigm Reference 20s v.1 and marvel if they don’t sound like new speakers. The caveat is always, your mileage may vary but here the writer doesn’t believe it. The author of this short take is not wrong. It’s the best bang for the buck you’ll likely see in your music system in this lifetime for $50. This after only trying out the Amarra for Tidal software on day one.

    The trial is apparently 30 days. Take advantage, download and see for yourself. Tell me you aren’t smiling after.


    1. I have spent the last two days frustrated and aggrevated by Amarra for Tidal. It is buggy and slow. The remote control app will not hold data if you leave the app for something and the albums artists and playlists won’t reload without flicking up on each page so you have to sit there reloading by hand. The sound is not superior to the Tidal app and has left me wondering how reviewers can rubber stamp this rubbish. Must be to placate advertiser. I made the mistake of buying this on a one day half price sale. Wish I had tried demo before I parted with my money. Live and learn.


      1. I agree with you, the interface is a learning curve, but for many (including me) it is enough of an improvement in sound quality that it is worth it. Things do tend to change with each update, so hopefully the performance will improve with the longevity of both the desktop app and the remote.


      2. Totally agree – slow to load and unstable which is how I also found the original Amarra HiFi – the product is CRAP.


      3. I really wish the stability and speed of the app would improve, to be sure. The sound is paramount for me here, though, and they certainly have got that right!


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