Why is Mastering Gear so Expensive?!

So I’ve been parusing and researching gear lately (surprise, surprise). Mastering gear, to be precise. And in the process, I’ve seen some people wondering why the gear is so pricey. Why is it that the mastering version of a compressor (the Manley Vari-Mu, for example) are over $1000 more than the tracking version, some ask? What precisely makes it … Continue reading Why is Mastering Gear so Expensive?!

A Quick Word on Amarra for Tidal

Sonic Studio, the pro audio company behind mastering software SoundBlade and audiophile audio engine Amarra, has just released Amarra for TIDAL. TIDAL, the artist-owned streaming platform, has been of notable popularity among audio enthusiasts for its lossless sound quality, and for good reason; it is the only streaming service to offer this level of resolution- it … Continue reading A Quick Word on Amarra for Tidal

Welcome to MGR Audio!

This is a blog dedicated to music, from equipment and album reviews to mixing, mastering and digital audio. I hope you enjoy it, and learn something in the process! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and YouTube, and Soundcloud. And, of course, subscribe to the blog! Easton Page Writer, Mix Engineer, Drummer, Music Obsessed MGR … Continue reading Welcome to MGR Audio!